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I'm Tamara Tihanyi, the photographer at TihanyiPhoto. I'm truly grateful to be recognized as one of Los Angeles' recommended headshot photographers, with a focus on capturing the essence of children. With over a decade of experience in headshot photography, I've had the privilege of working with clients featured in major motion pictures, TV shows, commercials, and various clothing campaigns.

Drawing from my background in the entertainment industry, my photography approach is shaped by my unique experiences as a commercial model and actress. This background provides me with a profound understanding of what agents and casting directors seek. Additionally, being a mom with kids who've explored the industry, I bring a special skill set for working with children.

As a perfectionist, I consistently strive for the best outcomes for my clients, ensuring their comfort and delivering exceptional shots. I firmly believe that a standout headshot can be a pivotal factor in one's career, and I take great pride in contributing to my clients' success. It brings me immense joy to witness them achieving their goals.

Thank you for considering TihanyiPhoto for your photography needs. If you have any further questions or are ready to schedule a session, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Your future success is just one click away - let's capture it together!

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Headshots are your No 1. marketing tool

It's time to go pro

When it comes to headshots, it might be tempting to ask a friend with a camera for a free or cheaper shoot. However, investing in a professional headshot photographer can truly elevate your career. Your headshot isn't just a photo; it's your main marketing tool and the first impression casting directors have of you. It's your calling card and can often decide whether you land a job or not.

To make sure your headshot shines and presents your best self, it's crucial to hire a professional photographer. As a performer, you're essentially running a business, and treating it that way means investing in top-notch, professional headshots. A subpar headshot can tarnish your brand and potentially make the industry take you less seriously.

As an experienced professional headshot photographer, I know how to use lighting and other techniques to capture your best angles. I understand precisely what agents and casting directors are seeking, and I can assist you in creating a headshot that sets you apart from the competition.

I'm here to provide you with images that make you stand out, give you a competitive edge, and earn the admiration of your agents. Let's work together to achieve just that!

I want to get you the images that will help you stand out, be competitive and your agents will LOVE.

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Which package is right for you?

I provide three session options across three locations. You can choose outdoor sessions with natural light in the Mid-Wilshire area of LA, indoor sessions with natural light at my downtown LA studio, or indoor sessions with studio light and colored backgrounds at my Santa Clarita home studio. Each location has its own unique aesthetic, and the choice often depends on the agent or manager. It's recommended to consult with them before making a booking. Kindly be aware that at our Santa Clarita location, we offer only headshots. If you're in need of 3/4 or full-body shots for modeling purposes or your agent/manager wants more of an editorial style, we recommend booking either outdoors or in our downtown LA studio and selecting a package labeled as a 'portfolio' session. These sessions are tailored specifically to accommodate your modeling-type image needs.

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What People Say

Tamara is the absolute best for your child's headshots!  She knows what she has to do to get the perfect shots. You and your agent will LOVE all the shots. It's a good problem to have when you can't narrow them down because they are all great. We are so happy we chose Tamara and you will be too!!

Stacy R. (Los Angeles, CA)

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To review my packages, check my availability and/or to schedule an appointment please go to  MY BOOKING PAGE

Just pick out the package that you would like and my available dates will come up and you can reserve your session right thru there.

Also please check out my FAQ and INFO page that will answer most of your questions regarding my sessions.

If you have any other questions or just want to say hi, send a message to me below or email me at

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